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Shredder LDF-1.8 СASPAR-1.8 (springy rack) - copy
Shredder LDF-1.8 СASPAR-1.8 (springy rack) - copy
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Shredder LDF-1.8 СASPAR-1.8 (springy rack) - copy

222 900  uah   from PDV
In UA - Goverment compensation:  46 438 uah
Article: LDF1.8P
  • Working width:
  • Working speed:
  • Performance:
  • The weight:
  • Row Count:
  • Maximum working depth:
    до 120
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The principle of action

Unlike traditional plowing, which is carried out with flat plows, in which the depth of the upper layer of the soil, which is shifted or overturned, can reach 30-35 cm, peeling occurs without a dump and turning the soil to a depth of 8-12 cm. Peeling belongs to the class of minimum or economical tillage. There are disc and ploughshare cultivators. The soil is processed to a depth of 4 — 12 cm with disk cultivators.


The effectiveness of this method of tillage consists in:

reduction of costs for fuel and lubricants, compared to plowing;
during peeling, furrows and furrows are not formed, a smooth sowing table remains;
plant residues ground with soil additionally mineralize the soil;
the microflora of the upper fertile layer is less affected than during traditional plowing.
Huschers can be supplemented with soil crushing rollers or toothed harrows. Some people also call rollers peelers. Some manufacturers equip the rollers with discs of a shape similar to the huskers, thus creating a universal argegat that combines the properties of a husker and a roller. In this case, it is not possible to increase the peeling depth. It is, as a rule, 4-6 cm. Hulling the soil can be performed as a preparatory operation for plowing, or it can be used as an independent type of soil treatment before sowing with the use of precision seed drills.

Toothed cat
Spiral toothed roller
used for rolling the soil when discing the field.

The spiral tooth roller consisting of ten plates is designed for crushing clods and compacting the soil. The advantage of the plate tooth roller is that it grinds lumps better. Due to its small weight, it is mainly used on medium and light soils (loamy, sandy soils). The diameter of the roller is 415 mm. and weighing 160 kg.

Roller Spiral Tubular
The spiral tube roller, which consists of twelve tubes, is designed for grinding and compacting the soil. Due to its large mass, it is mainly used on heavy soils (clay, loamy soils). The diameter of the roller is 510 mm. and weighing 225 kg.

Roller Spiral Tubular

Tandem cat
Tandem cat
A tandem roller consisting of two different rollers:

The first roller is spiral tubular with ten tubes with a diameter of 415 mm. and weighing 160 kg.
The second roller is spirally slatted with ten slats with a diameter of 430 mm. and weighing 160 kg.
This roller is used mainly on medium and light soils (loamy, sandy soils). Thanks to its tandem, it provides better crushing of lumps.

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Video review

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