Brand: Favorit
Rotary Harrow "GONTER" BRF-6
Rotary Harrow "GONTER" BRF-6
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Rotary Harrow "GONTER" BRF-6

379 992  uah   from PDV
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Article: GONTER6
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Rotary harrows are an agricultural tool used to till the soil. They are used for the destruction of weeds, loosening and aeration, surface treatment of the soil before sowing, as well as for preparing the soil for sowing the next crop.

The main advantage of rotary harrows is their ability to quickly and efficiently cultivate the land. Rotary harrows have rotating blades that loosen the soil and break up clumps, which provides better ventilation and moistening of the soil. In addition, these harrows destroy weeds, which makes it possible to reduce dependence on chemical means of combating them.

Rotary harrows can be used to work with different types of soil, including clay, sandy and other types of soil. These tools help achieve higher productivity and lower tillage costs, which are important to the agricultural industry.

 The Favorit Gonter - 6 rotary harrow has several advantages, among which the following can be highlighted:

  1. High productivity: The Favorit Gonter - 6 rotary harrow can process a large area of ​​land in a short period of time. This allows you to increase the productivity of work and reduce the time required for processing the land.
  2. High-quality soil treatment: The mounted rotary harrow Favorit Gönter - 6 meters has rotating blades that loosen the soil and break up clumps. This allows you to create ideal conditions for plant growth.
  3. Efficiency in work: Rotary harrow Favorit Gonter - 6 has high efficiency in work due to its size and design. It can work on large areas of land and allows to reduce costs for soil treatment.
  4. Strength and durability: The Favorit Gonter - 6 rotary harrow is made of high-quality materials, which ensures its strength and durability. It can work in the most difficult conditions and provides reliable work for a long time.
  5. Ease of use: The 6 meter rotary harrow is easy to use and maintain. It has convenient control and can be easily attached to tractors.
  6. The possibility of both continuous processing and inter-row processing - you can easily turn off any working bodies for inter-row processing.

Therefore, the Favorit Gonter - 6 rotary harrow is a highly efficient and reliable tool for tillage, which helps to increase productivity and reduce sowing costs

Rotary harrows in modern farming

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