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Mineral fertilizer spreader RDF-1000

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Article: RDF1
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RDF-1000 mineral fertilizer spreader  (hopper capacity - 1000 l) is used to fertilize the soil for such plants as wheat, peak, barley, oats, sorghum, rapeseed, sunflower, corn and beans .

RDF-1000 works from GDP with a rotation frequency of 540 rpm, which makes the operation of the unit safe.

- high quality components of imported production

- a wide range of application of mineral fertilizers

- the hopper is equipped with a protective grid that prevents large lumps and foreign objects from getting into it.

- the awning ensures the dryness of the fertilizer even in wet weather.


High-quality distribution of fertilizers across the width of the capture thanks to the use of U-shaped blades of different lengths.

The width of the capture is adjustable from 10 to 18 meters 

The spreader is equipped with a stirrer, which ensures the advancement of fertilizer from hopper on a disk to evenly distribute fertilizers on the spreading blades.

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Video review

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