Casting wheel SZ-5,4 SZ-3.6
Casting wheel SZ-5,4 SZ-3.6
Guarantee 12 months of official warranty from the manufacturer
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Casting wheel SZ-5,4 SZ-3.6

Upon request

The wheel that is attached to the planter NW, spare parts NW

Diameter: 32 cm

Wheel assembly with bracket. Delivery throughout Ukraine


The rolling rollers are an important component of the sowing section of the grain seeder. They perform several functions aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the seed sowing process. The main reasons for using rolling rollers are as follows:

Sowing depth: Rolling rollers help to ensure the required seed sowing depth. They are located behind the anchor sieve coulter and help to compact the soil around the sown seeds, which promotes better contact with the soil and improves the consumption of moisture and nutrients by plants.

Prevention of seed rejection: The rolling rollers help to keep the seed on the surface of the soil when the seeder passes through the field. This reduces the risk of seed rejection and helps maintain an even distribution of seed.

Increased contact with the soil: The rolling rollers compact the soil after sowing, helping to establish better contact between the seed and the soil. This promotes faster seed germination and provides a better start for young plants.

Ensuring even seed distribution: The rolling rollers distribute the seed coming from the section along the soil surface. This helps to avoid overlapping or missed sowings, which can cause uneven plant growth in the field.
Taking into account all these functions, rolling rollers help to improve the efficiency of seeding and plant growth, which affects the yield and quality of cultivated plants.


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