Venza and Venza Pro seeders - yield from mini-tills

For modern farmers and agricultural producers, the main priority is guaranteed stable yields due to high-precision equipment. If it is a seeder, it must provide quality sowing and be easy to maintain, and if the seeder is accurate sowing, it must maintain uniformity of sowing depth and distances between plants and, again, be reliable in operation.

For example, consider pneumatic precision seeders Venza and Venza Pro from the plant "Favorite", which are designed for precision sowing of calibrated seeds of corn, sunflower, sorghum, soybeans and fodder beans, beans, lupine with simultaneous, from seeds, mineral grains and rolling the soil in rows. At once we will notice that difference of these two modern seeders in working bodies of the sowing device. Venza has an anchor system, while Venza Pro - disk (Bellota working bodies).

There are many models of row seeders from other manufacturers, both imported and Ukrainian, on the market, but many of them do not meet the standard of "precision seeders". The complete set of a modern seeder is not even considered without a control system of sowing.

Today, Venza and Venza Pro drills can be equipped with modern domestic systems "Record". Control system:
- determines the current "seeding rates" in terms of running meter and per hectare;
- identifies "duplicates" and "gaps";
- counts the number of sown seeds per section and the drill as a whole;
- measures the sown area;
- measures the speed of the seeding unit.

At the mechanical level, the precision of seeding of seeders is provided by the pneumatic device of import production. The vacuum system gently holds the seeds in the holes of the sowing disc, regardless of their size and shape. The presence of upper and lower adjustable dumps guarantees the absence of duplicates and gaps.

The cardan drive system allows you to forget about chains, oil and bearings clogged with dust. Do not be afraid to work in fields with a high content of plant residues. The drive of a cardan shaft guarantees uniform rotation of a sowing disk and does not demand maintenance. When the disk rotates, there is no deceleration or acceleration, which occurs on uneven or wavy terrain, which provides a more accurate distance between the seeds.

The use of Bellota double disc coulters and balancing copy wheels ensures that the seeds are sown even at great depths and in difficult conditions.

Copying wheels roll the soil immediately after opening the furrow. Most of the pressure is distributed on the sides, and the upper part, closer to the center of the furrow, is slightly applied to the passage of the rear wheels that close the furrow.

In fact, this process can not be seen, but after the passage of the drill, you can dig up a few seeds and use a ruler to measure the required distances. In fact, this is always done not only in tests and demos, but also after setting up the drill.


To use an 8-row seed drill in the hinged position, a hanging mechanism of the appropriate category is required. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends a trailer for most tractors. The drills can also be equipped with a transport device that allows the drill to be transported despite the width restrictions - its transport width is 2.5 meters.

With us, Venza worked at a speed of 10 km / h, which is a bit too much, but during the control "excavations" doubling and omissions, we did not notice. The favorite positions the Venza as a precision seed drill, rather than a high-speed seed drill, so it is best to maintain a normal working speed so that there are no questions about the quality of the seed.


Conclusion: Favorza precision seed drill of the Favorit company is a reasonable offer for the modern agricultural enterprises which are sharpened under qualitative crops. Venza - easy to operate and provides quality sowing. Endurance of sowing distance and absence of doubling are good arguments in favor of this unit, and besides, the price of the unit which is several times cheaper than import analogs is very attractive.


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