The Favorite plant is a manufacturer of sowing and tillage equipment - planters, harrows, fertilizer spreaders and cultivators.

The advantages of the company's technology «Favorit»

High-quality agricultural machinery from the company «Favorit» intended for works of various levels of complexity. For more than 11 years, the «Favorite» embodies the combination of cost, quality and reliability.


The equipment purchased from us will be able to fully satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Each model of equipment — it is a set of unique characteristics and operational qualities that allow you to perform various types of work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our aim

Engage in the production of agricultural machinery and spare parts of the highest quality, which would improve the lives and facilitate the work of our customers. In turn, customers help us grow and take the leading positions in terms of sales, as well as ensure the growth of our business.


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